Gutter & Roof Maintenance

Annual gutter, valley and maintenance roof inspections and clean

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Fully trained and licensed

We inspect and clear thousands of metres of roof areas for the Education, Retail and Commercial sector each year.

We have the added bonus of having our own powered access equipment specifically designed for narrow access, which features a 12 metre long gutter vacuum system for those hard to reach areas to ensure our fully trained and licensed operatives carry out the works efficiently and safely.


We check to ensure that:

– They are free from debris (ie moss, stones,etc)
– Joints are water tight
– There are sufficient supporting brackets to support
– Supporting brackets are firmly secured
– Correctly positioned for their intended purpose
– There are no cracks in them allowing water to escape
– Down pipes have been fitted correctly

Down pipes

We check to ensure that:

– They are correctly fitted to the wall
– Sufficient supporting brackets to support them
– Joints are positioned correctly
– Discharge point is not blocked
– That the aperture for the water to enter the down pipe is not blocked


Valleys are checked to ensure that:

– They are free from debris
– That their exposed material covering is in good condition and not in need of repair

Transparent Reporting

Record findings and all defects found and address them in accordance with the relevant document.

Condition reports, are provided free of charge upon completion.